Bonis was cover designer for the U.K. based ‘Obscure’ record label which was founded, run and produced by Brian Eno from 1975 until 1978. With regards to the actual music, only ten records were issued in the original series and showcased avant-garde or experimental composers such as John Cage, Michael Nyman, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, David Toop, Gavin Bryars and Harold Budd to a wider audience thanks to Eno’s fame as the ‘non-musician’ in the group Roxy Music.


What caught my eye here is the fact that all the albums used variations of the same collage, overprinted in black ink. The picture is still visible in a strong light, though some covers do vary on later pressings. And each volume except the seventh has one small window in the black overprint to reveal a different portion of each cover. It’s as if each artist is showcased in a different part of the same building by some spotlight in the night. There is a sense of unity, a shared abstract landscape ready to be explored by the adventurous.