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By looking at these images one might think that the sculptures were made of stone, bronze, clay etc but not toilet paper rolls. Well that’s exactly what these brilliant and funny faces are made from. It’s like a gallery of theatre masks or an expressionist puppet show.

From my own experience, these rolls can be hard to work with as the cardboard is very thin. These objects are painted and then shellacked from what I understand which may increase the strength of the material. All in all, a great bit of upcycling here.


Hubcap Idol 10 (2015) Hubcap Idol 7 (2015) Hubcap Idol 8 (2015) Hubcap Idol 9 (2015)

Another update on some of my own work from the last few months, I have been working with found hubcaps, lamp stands and old cassette tapes no one plays anymore (a few have melted in my car during past heat waves ha ha). There’s an unknown quantity to these objects which makes it simultaneously frustrating and exciting at the same time. I’m never quite sure how they’ll turn out due in part to the fact that they’re constructed out of some very different materials but it’s great to see them come to life as ‘totems’, ‘idols’ or ‘masks’ or whatever one wants them to be really.

Lamp Figure 4 (2015) Lamp Figure 1 (2015)

Lamp Figure 2 (2015) Lamp Figure 3 (2015)

I don’t often post my own work here because it would just be too much for one blog I think. So there is a separate facebook page and blog for that if anyone is interested:

As Remake/Remodel I make furniture, sculptures, paintings pretty much anything I can think of from recycled materials. Some work samples:

Boat 6 (2013) Pen Holders 4 (2014)

Dinner/Office Table (2013) Chopping Boards Set 2 (2013)


Here are a couple of links for an article on Remake/Remodel, an upcycled arts/ crafts/ furniture and homewares shop I’ve been running for almost a year now. Thanks to Grant Mills for the interview and pix 🙂

Links for the shop:



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